AtoZ 2018 – J is for Jungle Fire by Katy Grierson


We’re moving deeper into the April AtoZ Challenge 2018, where we’ve discovered this little gem called Jungle Fire by U.K. professional artist Katy Grierson, posting as kovah.

Because of the brightness  by its head, I almost couldn’t make out the rest of this beautiful dragon at first — but look closely to see it, and read Katy’s amazing explanation:

Pygmy Fire Throat Dragons fill their throat sacs with fire to attract a mate in the dense jungle. Fireflies hover round waiting for the fire to be released so they can feast on the fumes.

That’s so creative!  One of her fans wrote, “I’m working on populating a fantasy world, and stuff like this really inspires me. Thanks!”  I feel the exact same way about this piece and all of the artists I feature!

Katy writes in her bio that she “has been working as an independent Illustrator and Concept artist since 2009, [with] extensive experience in illustrating for games both printed and on digital platforms. [She] currently specialises in environments but can easily turn her hand to most subject matters, bringing a dramatic and narrative style to any project.”  All the awesome dragons in her gallery certainly prove her right!

You can follow Katy on Twitter and Facebook, and also check out her official website for more, where there’s even a link to her Pet Portraits commission site — something I might just take her up on sometime!


I’m keeping it simple this year with my theme of “Odds and Ends Dragons” — amazing artwork by artists I’ve come across in past searches, but wasn’t able to find a spot for at the time.  Read more at my Theme Post.

All of these AtoZ posts should appear around 9:05 AM CT (-5 GMT) each day Monday through Saturday.  For even more dragons, check out my 2016 and 2017 posts!

Thanks for reading, take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
Jungle Fire by Katy Grierson, posting as kovah

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