AtoZ 2018 – G is for The Green Dragon by mollyh


I’ve made it seven days in the April AtoZ Challenge 2018 and it’s been all green lights!  One-quarter of the way to the finish line, and I’m feeling really great about it so far!  So here’s a beautiful piece called The Green Dragon by American deviantartist Molly Harrison, posting as mollyh.

Molly describes herself in her bio:

I am an artist working out of my home in northern California. I love fantasy art and have been drawing and painting it as long as I can remember [and] selling my work worldwide since 2003. I am a wife and mother of two wonderful kids, 4 cats, and one dog.

A clowder-keeper after my own heart, it seems, though she’s definitely got me beat adding in real kids and a dog on top of the cats!  🙂  Her art above, The Green Dragon, was her “first dragon-only painting … completed in 2007,” and while her gallery is mostly filled with magical fairies and owls, you should definitely check it out.

You can also find her work at her official website, follow her on Facebook and Instagram, pick up an original print at her Etsy shop, and even check out her amazing coloring books, available in hardcopy from Amazon and digital format from her website, to bring a little magic into your own life!


I’m keeping it simple this year with my theme of “Odds and Ends Dragons” — amazing artwork by artists I’ve come across in past searches, but wasn’t able to find a spot for at the time.  Read more at my Theme Post.

All of these AtoZ posts should appear around 9:05 AM CT (-5 GMT) each day Monday through Saturday — Remember, no post on Sundays!  For even more dragons, check out my 2016 and 2017 posts!

Thanks for reading, take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
The Green Dragon by Molly Harrison, posting as mollyh

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