Writing Thoughts March: Goals, Progress, the April Schedule, and a Dragon Illustrated by Wanda Korosec

Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines by brian tracy

Goals in writing
are dreams with deadlines.

— Brian Tracy

I loved this quote when I found it, because I chose to read that as “goals in writingi.e. writing goals “are dreams with deadlines.”   And this year I’m definitely putting myself on a clock to get more work done on my novel Finding Dragons!

(Then my husband helpfully pointed out that it really means writing down your goals in order to make them more real to yourself, a trick to help you achieve them.)  Well, okay, I guess that’s nice too.  And I have done that.  But I still like my interpretation.*

So how have I been doing on my goals?

I’m very happy to report that I’m racing ahead of my deadlines and I’m more than halfway done with my AtoZ posts for April.  

I wish I were a little further, since it starts Sunday, but I feel very good about surviving the challenge this year!  I’ve also connected (and reconnected) with many other amazing bloggers who’ve committed to the challenge this year, and I’ll be reading, liking, and commenting on their posts as much as possible!  You can find many of them listed in my blogroll in the sidebar (or below the post if you’re on mobile).

In addition, my new blogging schedule went really well for March, even with the extra dragons I just had to throw in on my “short posts” for the first and third weeks of the month.  I’m pretty sure that will happen all the time, but I was still able to make time for my other writing, and will continue to do so.  🙂

The new schedule does get a bit twisted during the April AtoZ event, though:

  • There won’t be an extra post in the first and third weeks, since there will be at least a half-dozen random dragons to check out each week instead!

  • I’ll still have an extra birthstone post in the second week — how could I possibly I pass up a feature on diamond dragons?!

  • The fourth week will continue the daily AtoZ posts with no Writing Thoughts post…

  • …since I’ll be writing a Reflections on AtoZ Writing Thoughts post in the first week of May, instead of a random dragon post.

  • But by the second week of May, I’ll be back on track with my May Birthstones post, and then it’s back to the new schedule, and buckling down on Finding Dragons at last!

So that’s where I’m at, and now I’ve got to get back to my AtoZ posts!  So I’ll leave you with this adorable Dragon illustrated by Belgian professional artist Wanda Korosec, posting as Blacklotuscomic.  Her caption below is really interesting:


One out of six style studies for school. The goal was to paint something you already were used to draw[ing] (in my case, dragons) and turn it into a children’s book style + imitate a paint technique in Photoshop.

I tried to adapt Ingrid Godon‘s (famous Flemish illustrator) style and technique, and mixed it with my own ideas.

I think this is very creative, and after browsing Godon’s site for a moment, I think Wanda’s homage to her style is definitely on point!   You can check out her lovely deviantart galleries featuring dragons and the Legend of Zelda, and then find more info on her (warning, a bit NSFW) webcomic Black Lotus at her Tumblr.

Thanks as always for reading, take care, and stay creative!  See you again on Sunday, April 1, about 9:05 CT (-5 GMT) for the first post in the April AtoZ Challenge 2018!

Image credits:
+ Brian Tracey quote image from anitabelli.com
Dragon illustrated by Wanda Korosec, posting as Blacklotuscomic  

* I usually write more about the author of the quotes I use, but once I started looking into Brian Tracy and his ‘motivational speaking’ website, where he charges $700 for a course on ‘how to write a book and get published — even if you don’t have an idea for a book’… I thought we could take his quote and move on, just this once.

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