O’Shaughnessy’s Parade by Robb Mommaerts


Okay, I had the same problem this week — how can I pick just one dragon?  So you’ll get three four today, all celebrating yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day.  It’ll be quick, I promise!  Up first is O’Shaughnessy’s Parade by American deviantartist Robb Mommaerts, posting as RobbVision.  Check out his character-filled gallery, his really neat blog, and follow him on Instagram.

Then, I just had to share this great Celtic Dragon by American deviantartist Jennifer Weishaar, posting as dragonfirelight.  It seems to be an old, defunct account, but still, check out her gallery filled with artwork and interesting writings.


That Celtic Dragon reminded me of the shirt I bought for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, a design called Faux Green Glitter Celtic Dragon by American artist Atteestude on Redbubble.  I usually wear a 2x tee-shirt, and I often can’t find anything on these sites that will fit right despite their size charts, but this Redbubble XL relaxed fit tee fits me perfectly!  I’ll definitely be looking for more designs to order.

Faux Green Glitter Dragon shirt by Atteestude

Okay just one more, promise!  This is St Pattys dragon by Canadian deviantartist winterwolfwind.  It’s adorable so I had to share it.  Check out her gallery where you’ll find some great pieces, especially her Watercolour Sun.


Okay, I meant one more dragon… I have to end on this sweet Celtic knot-work cat by Australian professional artist Penny Virsu, posting as Penny-Dragon.  Check out her amazing gallery for more, though I’m sure I’ll be featuring her dragons and Pokemon at a later time!


Okay!  So, my one (or two) dragon post turned into five, but I’ll tell you a little secret: I’ve just finished this post waaay in advance, because for me, St. Patrick’s Day is coming up this Saturday and I want to make sure this posts right afterwards!  But despite the extra artwork, it didn’t take up too much of my time and I’ll be getting right to work on the March Birthstones (from last week).

So as always, thanks for reading!  And take care, which today (if you’re anything like me) might mean some ibuprofen and some hair o’ the dog that smacked ya with his shillelagh last night, but I hope you had fun!  And of course, stay creative!

Image credits:
+ O’Shaughnessy’s Parade by Robb Mommaerts, posting as RobbVision 

Celtic Dragon by Jennifer Weishaar, posting as dragonfirelight  
Faux Green Glitter Celtic Dragon by Atteestude 
St Pattys dragon by winterwolfwind  
Celtic knot-work cat by Penny Virsu, posting as Penny-Dragon  

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