Stolen Constellations by SaphireDragon16


Okay, this was supposed to be the first of my “one dragon, then back to work!” posts, and I’ve already discovered a problem with my plan — how do I choose just ONE dragon to share when these artists are so talented?  So I’m changing things up already, and it’ll be “one (or two!) dragon(s), and then back to work!”  I’m sure you won’t mind a few more dragons.  😉  Up first is Stolen Constellations by U.K. deviantartist SaphireDragon16.

She wrote a really great caption story for the piece:

Once a glorious golden-scaled Star Eater, this dragon became corrupted by Chaos long ago, and eventually it eroded into nothing but a vessel for darkness. At first the drake’s scales were simply dulled and cracked, and it’s mind was filled with an endless hunger. 

Seeking to return to its former glory the star thief consumed everything around them, hoping that if they devoured enough stars their scales would shine golden once again. Yet no attempts to end it ravenous appetite could extinguish the parasitic Chaos that had latched onto its soul.

Gradually the scales of this drake eroded away, and as the Chaos grew the dragon deteriorated until nothing but a skeletal shell was left.

That’s a really amazing description, don’t you think?  So, I got to the end of this post and decided it was too bare, and SaphireDragon16 has too many cool dragons, hence the change in plans — and this is Wings for Twilight Flight, with another great caption below:


Wreathed in cold wraith-like fire,
Let scales sheen with borrowed twilight, to cast away, with smouldering wings, the first hours of night,
And steal enough time for the lost Will O’ Wisps that trail in the dusk, to scatter around like startled stars.

You can find more of SaphireDragon16‘s beautiful art and amazing dragons in her gallery, and check out a very interesting essay she wrote and posted in her journal called Flight or Fiction? Anatomy for a Dragon.  I’ve read the first and last parts so far (I didn’t realize there were six parts at first, oops!) and it’s certainly given me some things to keep in mind for my own book!  Find all the parts here.

I’m happy to report that knowing I only had to do a short post this week has already paid off!  I’ve been working on my April AtoZ prep, and I finished my art list last night!

It’s made up of lots of random dragons from artists I’ve discovered over the years, but just couldn’t find a place for at the time — just like the skeletal dragon above, which I found over Halloween but had to cut because that post was getting way too long!

I’m getting really excited for April, and next up, I’ll be creating and scheduling each post.  Those really will be just one picture and the artist’s info, so my fellow AtoZ bloggers can stop by, check each out, and be on their merry to the next blog each day.  Part of the fun of AtoZ is seeing how other bloggers took on the challenge, and there are so many cool concepts, it can be a lot to get through!

As always, thanks for reading, come back next week for the longer March Birthstones post, and take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Stolen Constellations and Wings for Twilight Flight by SaphireDragon16  

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