Halloween Dragons by Various Artists


Happy belated Halloween, everyone!  Isn’t this Halloween Toothless by Swedish deviantartist Tenynn so scary!! You can see an ‘updated’ version of this here, but I prefer the original. Check out more art in his gallery and see his current work at his FurAffinity site.

I really tried to get this post out for October 31, but my first problem was that I picked too many dragons to share, and then I was out of commission for a few days after one of my dear friends showed up at our group’s Halloween party last weekend with the true-to-life costume of “sick person!” So, of course, I got whatever they had.  (I still love ya though!)

Ah well, the party was an absolute blast, with great costumes all around, board games galore, and Rock Band until the wee hours!  If you celebrated All Hallows Eve, I hope it was safe and awesome!

There are so many dragons in this post, some from artists I’ve featured in the past like this next one, and some from brand new talent, that we should just get to it, right!  So up next, to balance out the creepy with the cute, check out these Baby Witch Dragons by Russian professional artist Alvia Alcedo.  The orange parts on the wings and eyes glow in the dark, even!  You can order your own at her Etsy shop, see more of her paintings and sculpture art in her gallery, and check out the other times I’ve featured her here.


Here’s another of my favorite artists — this is called Happy Halloween! by American professional artist Christina Yen, posting as The-SixthLeafClover.  Be sure to check out her online store, where you can pick up your very own 2018 Zodiac Dragons Calendar — I love my Gemini dragon!  You can see more of her lovely art in her gallery, and a few more features here.


Getting back to chilling, up next is Bone Dragon by U.K. deviantartist Izzy, with the spooky handle drakhenliche!  She says, “Bone dragons (or skeletal dragons, if you prefer) [are the] same as zombie dragons, just with all the flesh rotted off so they don’t smell as bad or spread as much disease. … Not to be confused with dracoliches (lol, to think a dracoliche was just a reanimated corpse would be your first and last mistake).”  Check out her amazing gallery, and follow her on Facebook for more!


Next are two adorable Halloween images (I couldn’t decide!) by American professional artist Eric Proctor, posting as TsaoShin, a new favorite of mine!  The first is called Candy Tooth Toothless, and Eric asks, “Anyone else like making candy corn teeth like Toothless here?  I sure do! … Toothless and Cloud Jumper are off to trick or treat on a cold foggy evening.”  I’m dying from the cute.


And then we have his second entry, called A Very HTTYD Halloween.  Eric writes, “Hiccup and Toothless sport (minimal effort!) Pokémon costumes and venture forth for candy. Toothless is an Umbreon and Hiccup’s shield is a Poké Ball.”  This is so amazing, and if I ever get a black cat, I am totally going to dress it up as an Umbreon like this!  Make sure you check out TsaoShin’s deviantart gallery, and also the last time I featured him, only a month ago!  (Hey, that one has candy corn in it too!)


Okay, let’s tone down the sugar and get back to scary with this awesome Scarecrow Dragon by U.K. deviantartist Kururu, posting as Ink-Leviathan.  My husband and I both loved the comment by GamemasterFel that said “That should be in the [Dungeons & Dragons] Monster Manual, next edition.  Who’s with me on this? Scarecrow Dragon? Construct? Lawful Evil? Maybe Chaotic?”  We vote Chaotic!!  Check out more creepy dragons in Ink-Leviathan’s gallery, and watch the paintings come to life on their YouTube channel!


This next one reminds me of my kittens and is called Happy Halloween Dragonlings by Canadian deviantartist Linda Sayegh, posting as Artsy50.  “Two little dragonlings playing with a Jack-o-lantern.”  Aww!  You can find more of her art in her gallery, and check out her Zazzle shop ForestCreations to purchase your own!


And finally, we started with a terrifying Toothless, and we’ll end with this adorable Toothless necklace creation called Night Fury Halloween by American deviantartist carmendee.  Just look at those big eyes, which the artist describes as “very expressive, portraying a cute cuddliness that makes you melt.”  Yes!  Unfortunately this little guy is sold, but you can check out more of her beautiful jewelry in her gallery or check out her Etsy shop CarmendeeDragons to find one of your very own!


Whew, I made it!  At least this is going up the week of Halloween, even if it’s technically November now.  Be sure to check out some of the links above to show some love to these really talented artists and creators — even one or two extra page views can mean a lot to creative types like us!

And before I go, I have a quick update on my stolen phone troubles from last week.  The police did catch the thief!  Unfortunately, he hasn’t told them where the phone itself is, but we’re moving forward and pressing charges, so the story isn’t over yet.  I even rode the train home again for the first time last night — with my husband by my side for moral support, which was really nice of him, since he hates public transit. ❤

Okay, that’s it for me, as always thanks for reading, take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
+ Halloween by Tenynn 
+ Baby Witch Dragons – glowing in darkness by Alvia Alcedo 
+ Happy Halloween! by Christina Yen, posting as The-SixthLeafClover 
+ Bone Dragon by drakhenliche 
+ Candy Tooth Toothless by Eric Proctor, posting as TsaoShin 
+ A Very HTTYD Halloween by Eric Proctor, posting as TsaoShin 
+ Scarecrow Dragon by Ink-Leviathan 
+ Happy Halloween Dragonlings by Linda Sayegh, posting as Artsy50 
+ Night Fury Halloween by carmendee 

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my artwork, Happy Halloween Dragonlings in your lovely blog. It is much appreciated. I have shared it to my Facebook art page. Linda Sayegh ForestCreations. 🙂

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