AtoZ 2017: H is for How to Train Your Dragon


H is for How to Train Your Dragon

Next up in the April 2017 AtoZ Challenge, I’m excited to share another one of my favorite fandoms — the Disney animated How to Train Your Dragon, which is loosely based on the original YA books by Cressida Cowell.  To keep this post manageable, I’m only going to be featuring art from the animated version, but you can find out more about Cowell’s book series via her official website if you’re so inclined!


If you’re new to my blog because of the AtoZ Challenge, you might not know that I’m a little obsessed with Toothless from the How To Train Your Dragon animated series.  But I’ve already done lots of posts about him!  So today, let’s take a look at the other dragons that inhabit Hiccup’s world.

Above is an image called We Have Dragons by Italian deviantartist h-Robun.  This was their entry for a t-shirt contest, and I would definitely wear this!  It’s a great example of some of the many different dragons that appear in the series: a Boneknapper, a Thunderdrum, a Whispering Death, a Night Fury, a Hideous Zippleback, a Deadly Nadder, a Monstrous Nightmare, and a Gronckle.

As you can see, there are four-legged and wyvern type dragons in this image, and according to the HTTYD Wiki, the Book of Dragons lists over forty species, all with different characteristics! More information can also be found at the extensive TV Tropes page on the HTTYD Films – Dragon Species.

You can see more of h-Robun’s work in their gallery, including an amazing HTTYD collaboration they were a part of with the Level-UP-Project called Dragons Parade.  I wasn’t allowed to repost the image here, but I highly recommend you check it out!

Since there are so many different dragons in this world, let’s just jump right into the artwork, shall we?  I’ll start with a few non-traditional pieces.  This first is called Stormfly, Astrid’s Deadly Nadder, in beads!  Created by German deviantartist Zimt of Zimt Beadwork, you can check out more in their amazing gallery and support them on Patreon.


Next, American deviantartist Skylanth created this plush Stuffed Hideous Zippleback Dragon, and according to her caption, she followed only a vague pattern that she adjusted as she went!  Amazing talent, and so cute.  Check out her artwork (and more plush dragons!) in her gallery.


Continuing with the cute, check out these adorable crocheted Terrible Terrors, in blue/purple and green/brown!  These were created by Australian deviantartist Pip Manifold, posting as silvergirl919.  I couldn’t pick between them, so you get to see both.  Check out more of her super creative gallery for more!

Getting back to more traditional paintings now, check out this terrifying depiction of a Whispering Death by Spanish deviantartist Tania, posting as Hndz.  So many teeth!  You can find more dragons and other artwork in Tania’s gallery.


This next one is a beautiful image of a Stormcutter dragon that appears in the second movie, named Cloudjumper by deviantartist Carissa, posting as Simkaye.  I love the double set of wings on this type of dragon, and the lionish face!  This is probably my second-favorite HTTYD dragon species.  Check out Carissa’s gallery for more.

Cloudjumper by Simkaye

And finally, when I came across this, I just had to share.  Russian artist Sashiiko-Anti has a wonderful gallery full of fashion designs — which is not a genre I usually browse!  But here is her take on a line inspired by the main HTTYD Dragons, and I think they’re just amazing!  I think these could definitely make a splash on a runway at Fashion Week, don’t you?


I’m loving the AtoZ Challege this year, and thank you so much for coming along with me!  After today’s familiar territory, tomorrow I once again dive into an unknown fandom with my “I” post, so please come back to check it out!  Take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
We Have Dragons by h-Robun
Stormfly by Zimt Beadwork
Stuffed Hideous Zippleback Dragon by Skylanth
Terrible Terror crochet dragon and Terrible Terror crochet dragon 2 – green and brown by Pip Manifold, posting as silvergirl919
Whispering Death by Hndz
Cloudjumper by Simkaye
Dragons by Sashiiko-Anti   

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