Find Your Heart and other Valentine’s dragons by Alvia Alcedo


Happy Valentine’s Week everyone!  I found some lovey-dovey dragons to share in celebration of the holiday done by one of my all-time favorite creators, Russian artist Alvia Alcedo.  This first image is a cute trio of dragons called Find Your Heart, and I just love the colors and all the little details in the bottles!  Alvia’s dragons always remind me of my kittens, and I’ve already named the pink one Amy, the blue one Rory, and the beautiful golden one River. 😉

Here is another cutie called Heart Stealer, and isn’t she just!  Alvia has such a distinctive art style and her shading and detail is incredible, and I like how she includes her art supplies in the images sometimes.


Finally, here is a beautiful pair of dragons called Holding Hands Together.  According to her caption, this is a design Alvia created for a set of wedding invitations — I think that would be a lovely way to announce your upcoming nuptials!  Perhaps I’ll think about commissioning something for the invites to our ten-year wedding anniversary… it’s a few years off, so I’ll have time to save up for it! 🙂


Short and sweet today, as Valentine’s Day has come and gone already, but love endures and so will these dragons.  You can enjoy more of Alvia’s amazing artwork, jewelry, and sculptures from various times I featured her last year, and also at her deviantart gallery.  She is also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, and Tumblr, and you can check out her Etsy Shop to support her craft!

Thanks for reading, take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
Find Your Heart by Alvia Alcedo
Heart Stealer by Alvia Alcedo
Holding Hands Together by Alvia Alcedo

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