Dragon in a Coffee Cup by ‘Trie Blasingame of Tentacle-Made Studios


Here is a cute dragon in a coffee cup in the distinctive style of American professional artist ‘Trie Blasingame of Tentacle-Made Studios, whom I discovered at her booth at NerdCon: Stories 2016 over the weekend.

Here is another really interesting dragon-type creature from her gallery:


I love the colors in this next dragon with feathery wings:


And finally, of course when I see an artist drawing dragon Pokemon, I just have to share.  This is ‘Trie’s Dratini, looking properly regal:


‘Trie hasn’t done a ton of dragons, although she has lots of wonderful series in her unique style, such as the Glittering Venery characters, movie and TV characters (I even picked up a few of my favorites on buttons at her booth, including River Tam, Peggy Carter, and Amy Pond), Sailor Moon and other anime characters, and many more.  Be sure to check out her Flickr gallery to see them all.

You can find ‘Trie at her website, on Facebook and Twitter, and you can purchase her beautiful artwork at Redbubble and Storenvy.

My NerdCon: Stories 2016 round-up post is taking much longer to compose than I expected, which is why I’ve been a bit off since the weekend, but I’m catching up and I’m hoping to post all about the exciting convention for my Writing Thoughts post this Thursday.

Thanks for reading everyone, take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
dragon in a coffee cup by ‘Trie Blasingame
dragon-type creature by ‘Trie Blasingame
dragon with feathery wings by ‘Trie Blasingame
Dratini by ‘Trie Blasingame

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