Adventurers by Sandara (and cats!)


On Saturday, our Pathfinder group infiltrated a massive Giant’s fortress by trudging through a deep cave system infested with undead spiders and a kobold with barbarian levels, but we came through pretty unscathed.  These Adventurers, by the legendary Singaporean artist sandara, might not be so lucky, facing this black dragon…!  She painted this as an exclusive playmat for Gamermats at GenCon 2015.

I’m playing catch up after a long, fun weekend, so I’m just going to share two more of sandara’s awesome adventuring parties — this time, featuring cats!  This first one is called A Party of Cats, with a healer, mage, and fighter:


And sandara created a second adventuring party with Cats Party 2, featuring cats belonging to a friend of hers, with a monk named Momo, a summoner named Hime, and a rogue named Little Face.  So adorable!



I have one more post to catch up on, so that’s it for this one — take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Adventurers by sandara
A Party of Cats by sandara
Cats Party 2 by sandara

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