Dusk and Dawn by drachenmagier


Today I’m just sharing some brilliant artwork by deviantartist drachenmagier, starting with Dusk and Dawn.  She says, “The twin dragons Dusk and Dawn that carry the known universe on their wings.”  I just love the star patterns!  Make sure you click in to see the full, amazing image.

This next one is called Like Night and Day.  My husband and I (sometimes) have very different political views, but it works out, because as the artist says, “… being very different just means you can learn a lot from each other.”


And finally, I really like the colors and line work on this last one, called Poledance Dragon:


That’s it for me tonight, take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Dusk and Dawn by drachenmagier

Like Night and Day by drachenmagier
Poledance Dragon by drachenmagier

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