Last Minute of Light by Alex Rommel


I’m playing catch up after being sick all weekend, so Tuesday’s dragonless sky is called Last Minute of Light by German deviantartist Alex Rommel, posting as aerroscape.  However, I couldn’t believe the amazing art Alex has in his gallery, so I’m sharing two more of his images to make up for my lateness. 🙂

This next one is called just called Sail, and appears to be Alex’s best-loved painting, and deservedly so, I’d say.  Alex captions it, “if boats would have dreams.”  I’m very seriously considering buying a print from his Society6 store — a large 21″ x 28″ print is only about $36 USD.


And finally, I first found Alex because of this image, which is not quite a dragon, but I love it nonetheless.  This is called Sleeping Baikal:


While I don’t know if there’s any relation to Alex’s painting, a quick Google reveals that Lake Baikal is the deepest freshwater lake in the world on the border of Siberia and Russia, and I found a great article written by a Russian blogger called Lusud-Khan – Lake Baikal Monster & Other Buryat Legends that goes into more detail about the monster supposedly within its depths.  (Their blog called Life in Russia looks really interesting, and I plan to explore more when I have the time!)

Please check out Alex’s deviantart gallery and Society6 shop, where you can get these and more beautiful images not only as prints, but on coffee mugs and clocks and pillows and all sorts of things.  I really love his artwork.

All right, this was supposed to be a short ‘missed day’ post, but as you can see, I sometimes can never stop writing!  I wish that were the case with my fiction… but ah, maybe that’s just the cold medicine talking. 🙂

Thanks as always for reading, thanks for your patience as my ‘daily’ blog slips a bit (but I truly expect to get back on track soon!), and of course, take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Last Minute of Light by Alex Rommel
Sail by Alex Rommel
Sleeping Baikal by Alex Rommel

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