Toothless by Ali Wagner of 3 Fairies Workshop


Hello from GeekyCon!  Tonight I wanted to feature an artist I met earlier today in the Merch room here in Orlando, so here is a Toothless “Dude” by Ali Wagner of 3 Fairies Workshop.  As her site says:

All “Dudes” are handmade art pieces, and are not toys. Each canvas is 3inx3in, and can be hung easily with even a thumb tack.

My husband really fell in love with all of Ali’s diverse pieces, with characters from throughout the fandoms including Sailor Moon, TMNT, Doctor Who, Marvel, DC, Disney, of course Harry Potter — all sorts!  In fact, here is one of her own Instagram pics from her booth today:


Ali is based right here in Orlando, and you can find even more of her work for sale at her Etsy site, and you can follow her on Facebook here or here, and check out her Instagram and Twitter as well.


Here’s one more photo from her Instagram of the amazing House symbols she created — the Ravenclaw one sold out today, of course, because Ravenclaws are awesome *wink* — and she also did a cool antiqued version that I’d really love for my wall.


Okay, I’ve gotta run, we’re about to pick up our copy of The Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling and I don’t want to miss it!  Vacation is wonderful, and hopefully I can tell you a bit more about GeekyCon tomorrow!

Take care and stay creative (and Geeky)!!

Image credits:
The photos of Toothless and of Ali holding Toothless were taken by me at GeekyCon earlier today, and the other photos are from Ali’s Facebook page.

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