Heat Haze by Valentina Barić


With a dangerous heat wave about to sweep the Midwest here where I live, I thought it was the perfect time to share this amazing artwork called Heat Haze by Croatian professional artist Valentina Barić, posting as Nimphradora.  I adore the art style she’s used here, the simplicity  of it.  Valentina named this dragon Nox, and drew him in a more dynamic pose that you can see at that link.

Next up is another beautiful piece called Heal, a commissioned work for another artist:


I had so much trouble choosing just one more image to share from Valentina’s amazing gallery, but sticking with my heat-theme for today, here is one last  called Wyvern, which was another commissioned piece.  Can’t you just feel the heat in these images?


Valentina and her gorgeous art can be found all over the web, including at her Patreon page, her Tumblr, on Facebook and Instagram, on ArtStation, and on two sites I hadn’t heard of before, one called Wysp, and on Weasyl.  She does commissions, so if you love her art style as much as I do, it would be a great way to support her work.

I’m off to write, wish me luck!  Take care and stay creative!  (And stay cool, if you’re suffering from the same heat wave as we are!)

Image credits:
Heat Haze by Valentina Barić
Heal by Valentina Barić
Wyvern by Valentina Barić

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