I’ll Do My Dragon in the Rain by Drkav


This is a piece called I’ll do my dragon in the rain by Russian deviantartist Drkav.  I chose it because it looks a little like the dragon is crying, and today is a tough day for me.

Exactly one year ago this morning, I lost my furdaughter Amara to cancer.  I posted a poem I wrote about it in the days that followed for my June Random Writing, which you can read here if you like, but I’m just going to share a few more of Drkav’s beautiful artworks and sign off today.


Above is Collab Dragon, which as the title implies, is an image that Drkav colored and detailed that is based on this Freebie line drawing by another Russian deviantartist named Oksana, posting as Neboveria.

collab_dragon_by_drkav - freebie__by_neboveria

And finally the last, which is another by Drkav called Waiting.  I can’t really explain it other than because grief sucks, but when I first saw this image, and now every time I look at it as well, it makes me teary.  I miss my daughter so much. 😥


All right, take care everyone, thanks for reading.

Image credits:
I’ll do my dragon in the rain by Drkav
Collab Dragon by Drkav
Freebie line drawing by Neboveria
Waiting by Drkav

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