The Paper Dragon by AlectorFencer and Akeyla


Doesn’t this dragon look like he’s making great progress on his To Do list?  I thought so, which makes him perfect for today’s artwork!  This is The Paper Dragon, with coloring and detail by German artist AlectorFencer.  This work is a collaboration with Swiss artist akeyla, who did the initial line work, which you can see below.


Both of these are so great!  This supremely talented pair of artists created this image for a door sign for Eurofurence 2011, a convention that was held in Germany that year.

Anyway, back to the To Do list angle — I feel very accomplished today, having finalized a bunch more vacation plans, including booking our return flight and scheduling one of the funnest parts of our trip, the Speedboat Adventure Tour of Tampa Bay!

My husband and I did this tour the last time we were in Tampa a few years ago, and it’s so much fun!  I’m going to have a post all about it on the day of the tour, August 2, so stay tuned for that!

You can see more of AlectorFencer’s gallery here, and she is also currently working on a graphic novel.  Here is an image from it called This Journey:


From AlectorFencer’s page:

This journey is worth every minute. Small panel from a page of “Myre.” …  I’m working frantically on the first volume of my graphic novel “Myre” and make good progress with it!  Each page completed feels like another step forward. And it is so much fun to shape this world.

I think this looks amazing, and while I wasn’t able to find too many details about it to share here, I’ll be on the lookout for more updates on Myre and I’ll keep you posted!

And here is another from akeyla, called Blu.  I showed my husband her gallery, and this was his favorite, but she has loads more dragons and other great artwork you should check out as well!


The only things I didn’t get accomplished today, but that are definitely still on my To Do list for this week, are to get the latest Neeka chapter finshed (for last week’s prompt), and to get as many posts prepped for my vacation days as possible.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be kinder, so wish me luck! Thanks for reading everyone, stay creative!!

Image credits:
The Paper Dragon by AlectorFencer
LINEWORK Con Ops (The Paper Dragon linework) by akeyla
This Journey by AlectorFencer
Blu by akeyla

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