I Wanna See a Rainbow by Fabera


Oops.  I completely dropped the ball “today” — I should have made a post during the day, but instead I thought I’d have time Friday night to post something.  So, no dragon, but here’s a beautiful painting called I Wanna See A Rainbow by Russian deviantartist Maria, posting as Fabera.

Turns out, I got completely sidetracked by the Emergency Minneapolis Queer Pub Crawl, which swept me up when it arrived at my usual Friday happy hour.  The organizers arranged for the proceeds from certain drinks at each stop on the tour of the LGBTQ+ bars of Minneapolis to go to the Equality Florida Pulse Fund, the official fundraising page, which has raised more than $5.4 million in just six days.  It was really fun and I’m glad I got to be a part of it!

All right, time to make a Saturday post.  And maybe I’d better get Sunday’s done while I’m at it… 🙂  Take care and stay creative!

Image credit:
I Wanna See A Rainbow by Fabera

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