Writing Thoughts about Cats, and an Adoption Announcement!

Dan Greenburg Quote - Cats

Cats are dangerous companions for writers because cat watching is a near-perfect method of writing avoidance.

~ Dan Greenburg

Oh my goodness, isn’t this the truth!  This quote comes from Dan Greenburg, author of seventy-three books including the adult thrillers Exes, Love Kills, and Fear Itself, and the children’s series The Zack Files, and it goes purrrrrfectly with today’s announcement!

So, I mentioned last week that I would be having some cat-related news, and here it is — my husband and I rescued three new cats to add to our clowder on Monday, bringing our total to six now!  I couldn’t be happier, or more distracted, to be honest!

Just like the first time fourteen years ago, when I rescued my then-pregnant daughter Rei-chan, and then kept her kittens Misu and Chiru (and Mara, who we lost last year to cancer, sadly), this time we’ve rescued another young momma cat and her two nine-week old kittens, and named the three of them River Song, Amy, and Rory.  (Whovian theme FTW!)

It’s been really difficult to get pictures, because momma River is still scared and the kittens are fast, but here are a bunch:

River, A&R Carrier 1a

River Song, Amy, and Rory coming home for the first time

A&R Playing 2

Amy and Rory: “Look, we can be calm for one picture!”


A&R Playing 1

Amy: “Hey Rory, whatcha got there…?”

A&R Tree 22

Amy and Rory: “We played a lot today.”

We’ve still got all three sequestered away from the other kids, but we’ll introduce them when they’re all ready.  Here are some pictures of my older kids because of course we’re not replacing them, just adding to our family!  And of course, more cat pictures means more writing avoidance, as Dan Greenburg says… 🙂

Rei 1

Rei-chan: “Hey, I’m trying to get some sleep before you unleash the kittens…”

Chiru 1

Chiru: “I know you have kittens upstairs, and FYI, I’m not thrilled.”

Misu 2

Misu: “More cats?  And they’re how old?  I don’t know…”

So there you go — no dragons today, but this was a big announcement and went perfectly with the writing quote for this week.  Although, I have one more picture to share, taken at this time last year, after I’d been writing at my new desk in my writing(/storage) room.  This was about a month before we lost my daughter Amara, on the far right.

I looked up after awhile of typing away to see all four of my kids sitting around me, just chilling out, and not distracting me at all.  So really, I think cats make the perfect companion for THIS writer, and I’ll never be without.

Moon Kids Writing Room

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my family today.  Take care, and stay creative everyone.

Image credits:
Dan Greenburg quote from Goodreads, created on Quozio

Kitten pictures by my husband and me!

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