Lightning Strikes Twice by Matt LeBlanc


It was a stormy day here in Minnesota, so to reflect the weather, here is Lightning Strikes Twice by deviantartist Matt LeBlanc, posting as Blacktalons.  Matt designed this electrifying beast as a Storm Dragon, and even created an amazing Reference Sheet to go along with it:


I really love the wings, and the smaller frills in the center on the Wingspan image, which Matt explains: “The large fins located directly behind the wings are used for extra lift in flight, functioning effectively the same as a bird’s tail would.”  Of the wings themselves, Matt says:  “Wing and fin membranes are naturally black, but bio-luminescent green is triggered via an electrical charge which can be held within the membrane itself.”  Very cool!

Here is one more image of Matt’s dragon Blacktalons with a brighter background, called Storm in a Frozen World.  This is one talented artist, and I definitely recommend checking out his gallery for more great work!


Take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
Lightning Strikes Twice by Matt LeBlanc
Blacktalons Reference Sheet by Matt LeBlanc
Storm in a Frozen World by Matt LeBlanc

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