A sky full of stars…

Hubble Unveils a Tapestry of Dazzling Diamond-Like Stars 1-21-16

I didn’t make a post on Monday, the day after learning about the terror attack and hate crime in Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, although I started three of them.  Instead, I came to work, then afterwards I stopped in briefly at three of the LGBTQ+ bars I frequent here in Minneapolis, to connect with friends I didn’t have a chance to see over the weekend.

I was overcome by the tragedy of it all, and posting a random dragon, or even an LGBTQ+ dragon, or a sad dragon, it all just seemed trivial.  So here is a sky full of stars shining like diamonds instead, in memory of all the brilliant, beautiful lives lost, and a link to the list of victims’ names and their stories in a post by NBC News.

Orlando Massacre: What We Know About the Victims
by Elisha Fieldstadt, Corky Siemaszko and Tim Stelloh

I’m going to “post” this at 11:59 pm Monday so it appears in the archive correctly, but I’ll try to have a regular post up later today for Tuesday, to get back on track.  Because we have to grieve, but then we have to move on, so that’s what I’ll do.  Take care and stay creative, everyone.

Image credit:
Hubble Unveils a Tapestry of Dazzling Diamond-Like Stars from Hubblesite.org

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