Very Tired Dragon by AskyPanda (and a fic rec!)


Here’s a cute little guy called Very Tired Dragon by Russian deviantartist AskyPanda.  I wonder what the papers in his hand say?  Maybe he’s looking at my latest posting schedule and lamenting how off-track I’ve gotten lately…

I’m behind on posting Neeka chapters, but last night I made some good progress on last week’s prompt, and I also know what I’m going to write (when I get to it) for this week’s as well — in fact, it’s going to be one of the missing pieces of the story, so stay tuned for that!  Sometime.  Soon, I hope.  I promise.

As for me today, I am one very tired dragon lady… for my birthday last night, I played in my usual bar trivia league, but then afterward, we decided to go out for karaoke to keep the party going!  And with all the singing and drinking and carousing, I stayed out much too late on a “school night” and have been so, so tired at work all day today.

Here’s another piece from AskyPanda, called Green Dragon of the Forest.  It’s actually the first that caught my eye today, and when I saw her Very Tired Dragon above, I knew she was the artist to feature today (especially because I couldn’t find a picture of a hungover dragon…).


I’m not sure how much more writing I’ll get done tonight (my couch is just calling to me right now, I can hear it from here!) but if you’re itching to read some newly minted fiction, my friend Jason H. Abbott over at Aethereal Engineer has just posted all three parts of a new story called The Old Man of the Elder Trees, and you should check it out.  His description reads, “The parents of two broken families join forces to save their daughters who share a bond of friendship and fate.”  I started it at lunch today and it was hard to put down when my time was up!

Jason is a great writer, and even better, he finishes things!  After reading OMET, you can also read A Contract in Azure and Indigo, another completed tale he has posted to his site.  He crafts really interesting and believable fantasy tales that just pull you in, so go check him out!

Thanks for reading, and for being patient with me!  Take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Very Tired Dragon by AskyPanda
Green Dragon of the Forest by AskyPanda

3 thoughts on “Very Tired Dragon by AskyPanda (and a fic rec!)

  1. Glad you’re enjoying the “The Old Man of the Elder Trees” and that you had an awesome birthday bash, Jamie! And thank you for the kind words about my writing, too. 🙂 I Hope you enjoy the ending of OMET when you get a chance to pick it back up… But first, listen to your couch and have a good-night’s rest! 😉

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