Comic Book Dragons by Lynton Levengood


I went to Wizard World Comic Con today here in Minneapolis, so I thought these awesome comic characters reimagined as dragons were perfect for my post tonight!  I didn’t get any photos or autographs with the stars, although I did see one of my absolute favorites, James Marsters (Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), as well as David Ramsey (John Diggle from Arrow) and Franz Drameh (Jefferson “Jax” Jackson, aka Firestorm from Flash and Legends of Tomorrow), all from afar of course.

All of these comic reimagined dragons were drawn by Lynton Levengood, a professional illustrator with a website called The Modern Dragon.  Now that I’ve discovered his adorable dragons getting into trouble with modern technology, I’m sure they’ll be showing up as their own post soon!

I first saw these reimagined dragons in a Bored Panda article that Lynton wrote, and you can see a bunch more of them at that link.  My favorites were the Loki dragon above, and below The Hulk, Batman, and Superman.  He’s also done Storm, Wolverine, Iron Man, and others!

I hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend!  I’m getting some reading, but not so much writing, done… but that’s all right.  I’m about a third of the way through Todd Lockwood’s debut novel The Summer Dragon, and I can’t wait to write a post about it when I’m finished to tell you all about it.  Okay, stay creative, goodnight!


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2 thoughts on “Comic Book Dragons by Lynton Levengood

  1. These are great, even if I might have favored less literal interpretations. 🙂 Gives me the idea that shapeshifting dragons could really pull-off a good superhero team… Talk about secret-identities! That would be a MUCH better disguise than Clark Kent’s glasses… 😉

    “But why do you guys pretend to be humans with superpowers?”
    “Because humans freak-out less about super-humans trying to help them. Compare that to what happens when some giant dragons swoop down!”

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