Voting Dragon coloring page by bigblued

Voting Dragon by bigblued

It’s Super Tuesday here in America — do you know where your delegates are?

I couldn’t believe it when I actually found a picture of a dragon casting a ballot!  Deviantartist bigblued captions her Voting Dragon coloring page “A quick drawing of a dragon voting for the 2008 Worldcon at a Chicago style voting booth.”

Here in Minnesota it’s caucus night, but I have other plans tonight and caucusing just doesn’t sound fun to me.  I’ll vote in November, of course, but tonight I’m all right with either Hillary or Bernie winning for the Dems — and honestly, anyone but Trump will do right now.

For a great take on why Donald Trump is so dangerous for America, check out John Oliver’s take from Sunday night’s Last Week Tonight.  It’s a long piece, 22 minutes, but it’s good journalism and well worth the watch.  (Now if I can just figure out how to embed a video, since I’ve never tried…..)

Aha, success!  All right, political rant over, stay creative everyone!

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