Blogging 101: Day Two

“Take control of your title and tagline,” the assignment for today says.  Funny enough, I actually changed the tagline slightly just yesterday, while I was watching my number of page visits and views climb through the roof.  My “Why Writing Dragons” post was by far my most viewed of all (two weeks) time, so thank you so much to everyone who liked, commented, and followed me yesterday.

However, since I’m very happy with “Writing Dragons” as a title, and “Discovering the World of Finding Dragons by Jamie Lyn Weigt” as my tagline, I suppose I’m finished for today.  I came to the unfortunate realization, also yesterday while I obsessively checked my stats page, that I might just be using this amazing new blogging experience to put off actually writing my real book.  Oops!

So today, this is it, a short post and a promise to check back in tomorrow.  I’ve been working on the first chapter, and I intend to finish it by my self-imposed deadline of next Monday.  The plan was to write one chapter every two weeks, but that was when I had 25 chapters… now I’m looking at 30, although they’re a little shorter, so any time I can finish early will be a help.

I’m reworking a piece I wrote for this story years ago, because I realized it will make the perfect first chapter, and since it’s already partially done I hoped I could shorten my deadline.  But to be honest, it’s been going… a bit rocky tonight.  I’m trying to describe a major set piece, and even as I sit here, directly in the real-life space that was the inspiration for it, the beginning is still giving me some trouble.

Well, writing this instead of working on that will not get it done, so that’s it for me today.  Be well, everyone!


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