Dreaming of Halloween by Taly Reznik


Happy Halloween everyone!  Yes, I know, there should have been a Writing Thoughts post last week, but that’s still giving me trouble, so instead let’s check out some beautiful seasonal art by Israeli professional artist Taly Reznik, posting as Trollgirl.  This first is called Dreaming of Halloween.

Then here’s another pair of dragons in a piece called Autumn.  I really like how the cool pewter colors of the frame and the water contrast with the warm dragons, and the whole layout of this piece is just neat.  Somehow it feels like summer was just a few days ago, but with the amount of leaves in our yard growing every day, I can’t help but admit we’re definitely in autumn here in Minnesota.


Next, who doesn’t like a warm drink on a brisk autumn morning?  Well, Taly has a dragon for every taste with her Coffee Dragon, Cocoa Dragon, and Tea Dragon.  My current favorite morning pick-me-up is a mix of 1/3 hot cocoa with 2/3 coffee and added french vanilla creamer — I highly recommend giving it a try, as well as clicking on those links to see larger versions of these cuties.


I love the many different designs of Taly’s dragons, but this one in Autumn’s Gifts has the best wings, I think.  And he has a great description — the artist captions, “This little dragon hoards his harvest! But he doesn’t actually mind sharing.”  And it looks like he’s got plenty to share with that cute pup!


Then of course you know I can’t pass up a cat-dragon, which is exactly what this next piece is called — Felis Draconis.  These wings are so amazing too, and once again different from the others.  I wonder if the crest behind her head is any indication of how she came to be…? 😉


And finally, because I am posting this on the creepiest day of the year, I just couldn’t pass up another feline in Taly’s gallery — this is her Cathulhu, and he’s come to devour our world!!  She captions this one, “Cathulhu Ftagn, Miaw Miaw!”  I haven’t played our board game Arkham Horror lately, but tonight might be the perfect time to break it out again…


I hope you enjoyed all of Taly’s awesome artwork, as she’s definitely become one of my favorite artists.  I featured her flower dragons back in September 2017, and she’s got a new series that’s perfect for a New Year’s Eve post, so stay tuned for that in — wow, only eight weeks?!  Yikes!  Also check out Taly’s awesome gallery, and you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr for more.

The missing Writing Thoughts post will be up sometime later this week, I hope!  And next week I’m continuing my Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2018 series.  So until then, I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween, thank you as always for reading, take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
All artwork in this post is by Taly Reznik, posting as Trollgirl

Dreaming of HalloweenAutumnCoffee Dragon, Cocoa Dragon, Tea DragonAutumn’s GiftsFelis Draconis, and Cathulhu

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