Spring Sea-Dragon by Piper Thibodeau


Spring has finally sprung (it’s mid-May, so it’s about dang time!) so check out this beautiful Spring Sea-Dragon by Canadian professional artist Piper Thibodeau, posting as Cryptid-Creations(You can find the corresponding Summer, Autumn, and Winter Sea-Dragons at those links!)

Just this month, Piper was awarded a prestigious Deviousness Award from the DeviantArt powers-that-be!

Cryptid-Creations‘ DeviantArt story is a perfect circle. Inspired by other artists she found on DA to experiment with Digital Art, she has gone on to craft a successful, artistic career for herself.

You have likely stumbled across one of the many images that Piper has drawn as part of her “Daily Paint Series”; a personal daily task she set back in 2012 that is quickly approaching its 2000th installment.  [She hit that on earlier this week on May 13, 2018!]

Her gallery is a treasure trove of color, whimsy, humor — and the mark of a truly creative mind. The inspired artist of yore has now become the inspiration for many and there is nothing more kindred to the community than that. It’s obvious that Cryptid-Creations is “punstoppable” and we are tickled pink to award her Deviousness for May 2018.

Her wordplay art is really great, and here is one of my favorites called Dragon Fruitfly.  You can check out more recent pieces titled Drummingbird, Shiba Inuyasha, and Pretzelcoatl, to give you a sense of her humor. 🙂


And finally, since this Saturday is Pokemon Go Community Day featuring Charmander this month, I had to share this one called Charwizard!  Piper has tons of Pokemon in her gallery so check them out!


Piper is a “former full-time character designer for Dreamworks TV, [now] a freelance designer” with an astounding gallery, and you can follow her on Tumblr, Twitter, and Imgur, and support her work (and get behind-the-scenes insights!) through Patreon.

I absolutely adore Piper’s artwork, so it was extremely hard to pick only three pieces to share with you this week!  But future-me will be grateful I’m sticking to my new schedule and not taking too long on these off-week posts.  I’ll tell you more about what I’m doing to focus on my novel and how that’s going next week, so stay tuned!


Thanks as always for reading, take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
All artwork in this post is by Piper Thibodeau, posting as Cryptid-Creations.
Daily Paint #1036. Spring Sea-DragonDay 1423. Dragon Fruitfly, and Daily Painting 1668# – Charwizard  

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