St. Patrick’s Day Dragons by Multiple Artists


After browsing for St. Patrick’s Day dragons to share, I couldn’t choose just one, so you get five different dragons by five different artists!  This first is called Paddys 2015 by Danish deviantartist Aphilien.  I love the clover details!  She has a gallery filled more great art, including an adorable set of baby Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles you should definitely check out.

Next up, here is a beautifully sculptured polymer clay Dragon Tea Light Candle Holder by American crafter Jamie Sanders, posting as darlingdaymares.  I like both of her names! 😉  Jamie’s gallery is full of adorable sculptures of dragons and more for you to peruse.


Up next is a nature-themed dragon called Clovers n’ Scales by another American deviantartist posting as Zenfyre.  That is a very vivid green!  A lot of Zenfyre’s gallery looks like it comes right out of an animated series, with cartoon characters, Ponies, and Pokemon in among the offerings.


Of course, once I saw that one of my favorite sculpture artists, Lindy Briggs over at How Many Dragons, had a Green Shamrock Dragon, I certainly had to share.  This guy was sold already, but you can find lots more cool dragon sculptures and necklaces, or even ask Lindy to design one just for you choosing your own color scheme, at her Etsy Shop.


And finally, because I plan to go out celebrating tomorrow night, I couldn’t pass up this dragon who’s been celebrating as well — this is called Happy St. Patricks Day by American deviantartist Philip Bedard.  Philip says he “drew this for a gaming convention called Lepra-con,” which also sounds like something I’d like to attend!  He’s got an interesting cartoon style as well, which you can check out at his gallery.


Okay!  Lots of art today, not a lot of talking, as I’ve got to get back to prepping for the April AtoZ Challenge!  According to the new countdown widget I installed on the site’s main page, that starts in — sixteen days!?!?  Oh my gosh I’m so behind… but at least I have my Theme Reveal post all set and ready to go!  Look for that to post at 9:05 a.m. CST this coming Monday, March 20th!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Take care, may the luck o’ the Irish be with you, and stay creative!

Image credits:
Paddys 2015 by deviantartist Aphilien.
Dragon Tea Light Candle Holder by Jamie Sanders as darlingdaymares
Clovers n’ Scales by Zenfyre
Green Shamrock Dragon by Lindy Briggs at How Many Dragons
Happy St. Patricks Day by Philip Bedard

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