The Strength Inside by FlashW


There’s no other way to say it… last week was rough.  I’m calling it the Lost Week and I plan to post twice each day this coming week — once for the actual day, and once to fill in a missing post — and this lovely artwork called The strength inside by Russian deviantartist FlashW seems like the perfect way to kick off my week.  We could all use a reminder that “Sometimes we are stronger than we think about ourselves,” as the artist captioned this commissioned work.

She has many more awesome dragons and other animals in her gallery, so here are a few of my favorites — this one is called Sea Dragon:


I love her use of color!  And finally, here is Through the universe:


These might be shorter posts than usual, but I hope the beautiful art makes up for it this week.  Thanks for reading, take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
The strength inside by FlashW

Sea Dragon by FlashW
Through the universe by FlashW

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