Night Fairy by Neboveria


Here’s a dragon I found and tried to post on Sunday, but I was still very sick and didn’t quite have the energy.  This is a beautiful Night Fairy by Russian deviantartist Oksana, posting as Neboveria.  I found it by her simple, heartfelt caption (which I’ve adjusted slightly as English may not be her first language):

I’m sick.  I want a fairytale to come and console me.

I definitely share that sentiment! Here’s another amazing image by Oksana called Storm:


And finally one more that she calls It’s a gold, and captions “Gorebash from ‘Flight of dragons’ and the great hill of gold.”  Flight of dragons may be a book series or a game, I’m not quite sure by the context, but I think the image is really well done nonetheless.


Thanks for reading everyone!  Hopefully I’ll bounce back quickly from this first bug and we’ll have a light fall and winter cold and flu season… fingers crossed!

Image credits:
Night Fairy by Neboveria

Storm by Neboveria
It’s a gold by Neboveria

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