Bisexual Dragon by ApocalypticCats for Bi Visibility Day


I almost missed my own holiday, can you believe it?  Today, September 23, is Bi Visibility Day, so I found another cute dragon-representation of my own sexuality with this Bisexual Dragon by Australian deviantartist Emily, posting as ApocalypticCats (great name, right?).  Emily has a cute, quirky way of drawing dragons (mostly without wings…?) that’s really growing on me as I browse through her gallery.

I’ve identified as a bisexual woman for more than half my life now, having come out to my friends and family when I was 17 and still in high school.  I dated both guys and girls until I fell in love and got married at 30, and it happened to be with a man, but that doesn’t change my sexual orientation.

I’m happily monogamous, as many bi people are, and I’ll never date another woman again, but of course, I’ll never date another man again, either.  It doesn’t mean I like men or women any less — it just means I’m married.

All right, rant over.  Here are a couple more of Emily’s cute dragons.  This next one is called The light in the darkness, and Emily captions it “The break in the shadows.”  Very cute!


Then we have one more, called Space Dragon.  Emily’s caption this time is:  “The real reason the world will end: hugged to death by a celestial being.”  Hey, at least it’s a cute world-ending event!


All right, that’s it for today.  I admit I stopped at a few of my favorite gay bars on the way home to celebrate #BiVisibilityDay, but I’m looking forward to tomorrow — I’ve set aside the whole day for writing, and we’ll see how that goes!

Thanks for reading, take care and stay true to yourself, and stay creative!

Image credits:
Bisexual Dragon by ApocalypticCats 

The light in the darkness by ApocalypticCats 
Space Dragon by ApocalypticCats 

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