Rainbow Dragon Chalk Art by CrystalCircle, and art from the Chalk Walk Art Festival in Minneapolis


Check out this amazing artwork called Rainbow Dragon Chalk Art by American deviantartist Alexandra, posting as CrystalCircle.  I don’t know much about chalk art in particular, but one of the commentors on Alexandra’s page praised her for her “transitions,” which yes I agree, are amazingly done, and with chalk!  The talent of the artists I feature just blows me away sometimes.

Here’s another cool chalk art dragon by Alexandra called Big Blue:


Beautiful!  And then one more, because you know when I see him I have to share — Alexandra did an Alpha Toothless as well!


My husband and I attended the Chalk Walk Art Festival in Minneapolis today, hence the chalk art.  I took a lot of pictures there, including this dragon, which appears to have been done by someone called @Bek, who’s only 14!

Chalk Dragon-1

A lot of artists (and kids, since there was plenty of chalk to go around!) were drawing Pokemon today, but there was a lot of amazing original artwork to see as well.  I’ll share my photos here, but it’s impossible to credit the artists themselves, since not many signed their work.

I’m trying a slideshow for the first time in WordPress, so we’ll see how this goes.  First, here’s all the Pokemon art:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And then here are the original pieces.  Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Image credits:
Rainbow Dragon Chalk Art by CrystalCircle
Big Blue by CrystalCircle
Alpha Toothless by CrystalCircle
Chalk Art Dragon by @Bek in Minneapolis
Other Chalk Walk Art Festival photos by me

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