Not So Dragonfly by Apofiss (and some cats!)

Not So Dragonfly by Apofiss

I came across this little cutie when I was looking for a “dragonless” image for yesterday and just had to share him.  This is Not So Dragonfly by deviantartist Rihards Donskis, posting as Apofiss, the creator of yesteday’s Lazy Days image.  I’ve never featured one artist two days in a row, but since yesterday was dragonless and I loved his work so much, I didn’t think you guys would mind seeing a few more.

This also frees up my afternoon for actual fiction writing — I was able to get a little further last Friday on the next Neeka chapter, and my goal is to have that posted this week, so stay tuned.  Here’s another, very familiar dragon by Rihards called Toothless Approves:

Toothless Approves by Apofiss

So cute!  I really love the watercolor stylings of Apofiss’ artwork.  He’s even created some Live Wallpapers in this style that you can see on his YouTube channel, and can pick up at the Google Play Store.  Now, however, I have to show you some of his amazing cats series artwork, starting with Storm Walk:

Storm Walk by Apofiss

Here are a few more of the Walk series, with Divert, Nature Walk, and Dark Fuse:

I wish I could share twenty more of Rihards’ beautiful designs, and perhaps I will feature him again in a few months, but for now, you should check out his entire deviantart gallery, and you can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you love his art as much as I do!  He also has a Society6 shop where you can purchase his art on all sorts of things from prints to phone cases to tee-shirts.  Rihards even created a cute little web comic featuring a cat named Boggart that you can check out at that link.

Thanks for reading everyone, stay creative and wish me luck with the writing!

Image credits:
Not So Dragonfly by Rihards Donskis
Toothless Approves by Rihards Donskis
Storm Walk by Rihards Donskis
Divert by Rihards Donskis
Nature Walk by Rihards Donskis
Dark Fuse by Rihards Donskis

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