Random Writing for June: Amara’s Poem

Well, it’s the end of the month and time once again for a Random Writing, a chance for me to post something that’s unrelated to dragons or either of my WIPs, just a piece of my own writing from the past that I want to share with the world.  And today I’m going to share a really personal poem I wrote last year, as I dealt with the grief of my furdaughter Amara passing away from cancer.

This was actually scheduled for last Friday, but I bumped it to revel in rainbows for Pride Weekend instead, because this is impossible for me to even read again without dissolving into tears.  But June is when I wanted to get this posted, because Amara passed away last July, and I want to do something to mark the year she’s been gone.  Thanks for reading.

Amara Baby

The easiest thing I’ve ever done
was to hold you in the palm of my hand
on the day you were born
You settled into my heart
with your mom, brother, and sister
and instantly made me whole
For thirteen years
you were my daughter,
Through your terrible twos
to your bratty pre-teens,
and all the beautiful quiet moments between

The hardest thing I will ever do
was to hold you in my arms
all night as I felt you slipping away
I could see in your eyes
that you were looking beyond already,
So I cried, and bargained, and trembled
and begged you not to leave me
But it was time for you to go
and I eventually accepted that and
said goodbye

Now you have no more pain
although we are hurting more than I can say
but you’re with grandma and your cousins
and we will never, ever forget you

We love you so much.
Amara Gale Weigt
6/2002 – 7/2015

~ Jamie Lyn Weigt, 7/2015

Amara June 2015

Image credits:
Photos of Amara by me

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