Release the Dragons from The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood


In honor of the first full day of summer (here in the Northern hemisphere, at least), I thought I’d share another great illustration by famed artist Todd Lockwood, from his debut novel, The Summer Dragon.

I read and loved the book, as did my husband, and I wish I had more time to write a full review, but there have been lots of people who’ve already done that better than I could.  Check out the Amazon page of Todd’s novel for a small sample of the praise the book is getting from giants in the scifi/fantasy industry, and you can also check out my initial post about The Summer Dragon: First Book of th Evertide to see the amazing cover art, and for more info and links.

Take care everyone, stay creative!

Image credit:
Release No. 2, illustration from The Summer Dragon, by Todd Lockwood

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