A Dragon Meeting by Amanda Mullins


Today’s wonderful dragon art is called A Dragon Meeting by American professional artist Amanda Mullins.  I love the design of her horns and the lionfish-like spines down her back, and her loooooooong (quite ridiculously long, actually) tail!  The artist says she was “trying to do something with more detail in the background,” and I think she succeeded beautifully.

Amanda has an amazing collection of art in her gallery, including this fox pattern called Artemis that she created for a dress designer:


And this beautiful painting that is one of a series Amanda created for an interactive children’s book by Daedalic Entertainment called The Lost Song (6), available on the Appstore:


I really enjoy Amanda’s style, and I hope you do as well!  Stay creative!

Image credits:
A Dragon Meeting by Amanda Mullins
Fox Pattern Artemis by Amanda Mullins
The Lost Song – Background 6 by Amanda Mullins

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