Turquoise Dragon Playing a Trumpet by Deb Salisbury

Turquoise Dragon Playing a Trumpet by Deb Salisbury 3

It’s Friday and I’m feeling whimsical today, so I thought I would share this unique, handmade sculpture by Deb Salisbury, of MagicSeeker Dragons, called Turquoise Dragon Playing a Trumpet.  He’s available for purchase at Deb’s Etsy store, and here’s what she says about him:

-> Miles, the Trumpeter
-> Dragon Musician Series, #2

Miles doesn’t mind tooting his own horn – he’s a trumpet player, so that’s his job. He’s marching down the street playing jazz just as loud as he can. He can hardly wait for Mardi Gras. And for New Year’s Eve. Or for any party where he can play his music!

Miles is approximately 7 3/4” tall, and 13 1/2” by 10” wide. His body was created around a devil’s claw seed pod. His arms and legs are wire, his wings are made of glimmer gauze, and he has faceted glass eyes. His shape and coloring were created with fabric paint. He’s playing a 3 1/2” gold-tone trumpet.

Turquoise Dragon Playing a Trumpet by Deb Salisbury 1

He’s definitely an interesting fellow, that’s for sure!  Deb’s got a ton of other unique sculptures on her site, including more musical dragons as well as fairy dragons, comical dragons, and even dragon knights!   But I like this guy myself.  My best friend plays the trumpet, and I was actually going to use him for the AtoZ Challenge for the letter T, until I found the neat Temple Guard that I used instead.

Turquoise Dragon Playing a Trumpet by Deb Salisbury 2

Deb is also a self-published author and talks more about her books on her blog called Deb Salisbury: Mantua-Maker, Magic Seeker:  Seeking the Magic in Fantasy Novels and Historical Clothing Patterns.  Check her out if you have a chance!  Anyway, that’s it for me today, have a great weekend all, and stay creative!

Image credits:
Turquoise Dragon Playing a Trumpet by Deb Salisbury

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