AtoZ: W is for White Dragon Hatchling by dashase


Only a few days left in the A to Z Challenge!

Today we have:


W is for White Dragon Hatchling

This is a wonderful digital painting called White Dragon Hatchling, courtesy of the multi-talented German deviantartist dashase.  I love the detail in the scales and even in the crystals surrounding this little cutie!

But today we don’t just get a painting — after this artwork was posted, dashase then recounts that she was commissioned to make a sculpture version of this dragon as a birthday present.  So she set to work with “wire, aluminium foil, polymer clay and cement, and painted it with acrylic varnish plus a matt[e] varnish,” and posted photos of the work in-progress:


Not being a sculpture artist* myself, I wouldn’t have guessed that’s how this would come together, but it’s pretty interesting to watch.

And here’s the big reveal — finished and on its way to its new home:


I cannot believe how talented some people are — it’s crazy!  I love this little dragon, and especially his big, clawed paws.  It reminds me of a puppy who’s born with paws he has to grow into, and it makes me wonder how big this guy’s going to get when he grows up!

Dashase has so much more great artwork at her deviantart site, from drawings to jewelry to sculpture, which you should check out when you have a chance, but of course, I’ll probably share more in the coming months as well!

Oh dear… the final three posts are coming up — X, Y, and Z!  And then the April AtoZ Challenge will be over with.  Phew!  Maybe then I’ll be able to take a breather and actually get some novel writing done, who knows?  This has been a neat little break for me, though, and I think it’s definitely done me a lot of good.  Take care everyone, stay creative!

Image credits:
White Dragon Hatchling (painting) by dashase
White Dragon Hatchling (sculpture) WIP by dashase
White Dragon Hatchling (sculpture) Finished by dashase

* Edit 7/22/16: This post got a lot of traffic for some reason on 7/21/16, so I decided to read it again, and talk about an embarrasing typo!  No, I am not “a sculpture,” but of course I meant to say I’m not “a sculpture artist” !!!  Ah well, fixed now, but I can’t believe how many people must’ve read that and thought I was a little crazy… 😉

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