AtoZ: Q is for Quiet Dragon by Nico Niemi


Continuing on in the A to Z Challenge!

Today we have:


Q is for Quiet Dragon

Here we have another of my favorite artists, Nico Niemi, with her painting Quiet Dragon.  I really like this little guy’s face, and the play of red and blue overall.  He does look like he’s just sitting there maybe dozing, like I’ve seen my cats do sometimes — I swear, they can fall asleep sitting just like that!  🙂

Whew!  I found a Q dragon right in the nick of time!  Although, I bet a lot of the AtoZ community might have stumbled a little bit here — I’d love to hear your stories and whether it was easy or hard to fit Q into your plan.  I’ll admit, I still don’t have X, Y, or Z picked out either… but I’m looking forward to the challenge!

As for Nico’s work, I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time, and this next piece, Dragon Moon, has been the wallpaper on my home laptop for a few years now, no joke.  And this coming from someone who has the image change every ten minutes on my work desktop!


I like Nico’s style in both paintings of having the “spines” going down the back and tail ridge almost like hairs, instead of rigid plates, as they appear in other dragon designs.  Although, I’d bet they’re probably still sharp, so no petting!  I also notice that in both pictures, she uses the red and blue contrast that works really well.

It looks quiet and peaceful there on the ridge under the stars, I think.  You should definitely check out the galleries on Nico’s Facebook and EBSQ site where she sells her work, but you can also be sure I’ll probably share more of her work in the future.

Thanks for reading, take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Quiet Dragon by Nico Niemi
Dragon Moon by Nico Niemi

4 thoughts on “AtoZ: Q is for Quiet Dragon by Nico Niemi

  1. I expected Q to be hard, but it really wasn’t. The letter that was surprisingly hard for me this year was N. You’d think that common letter would be a cinch, but I had a hard time finding an ABC book that started with that letter.

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