AtoZ: K is for Kimono Dragon by Steve May


On we go in the A to Z Challenge!

Today we have:


K is for Kimono Dragon

Oh wait, it’s actually Komodo Dragon?  Oops, my bad.  😉

But how could I pass up this Kimono Dragon by Steve May?  I love the black and white line art and the splash of red in the kimono.  I feel like he’s saying, “What?  I’m a dragon wearing a kimono!  Deal with it!”  🙂

Plus, now I get to show you this neat exhibit that was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City in 2014-2015 called “Kimono: A Modern History.”

Featuring more than fifty spectacular robes, this exhibition tells a story about the Japanese garment whose designs mirror trends in pictorial and decorative arts of every era. Both sumptuous garments custom-made for wealthy patrons and everyday wear available for sale to the general public are represented. Highlights also include three examples of contemporary kimono created by designers designated by the Japanese government as Living National Treasures.

Here’s an example of one of the pieces on display, called “Unlined Summer Kimono (Hito-e) with Dragonflies,” from the Showa period (1926-89), made from “silk crepe, plain weave with overspun weft and stencil-dyed warp.”  (Dragons, dragonflies… you get it.)

Unlined Summer Kimono with Dragonflies (Modern)

The Met published an article titled “Waves, Waterfalls, and Whirling Water on Japanese Kimono,” by Monika Bincsik about the exhibit if you’d like to see more, or you can browse the whole beautiful collection at the main site.  The New York Times ran an interesting article about the exhibit as well.

And before you go, Canadian artist Trisha Oldfield also has a “Kimono Dragon” that looks much more like the real-life lizard than the fantasy dragon by Steve May.  She has lots of other beautiful work on her site as well, so check it out!

Kimono Dragon by Trisha Oldfield

Thanks for stopping by, stay creative, and be sure to check in for more AtoZ tomorrow!  There should also be a Writing Craft post coming sometime later for your perusal.  🙂

Image credits:
Kimono Dragon by Steve May
Unlined Summer Kimono (Hito-e) with Dragonflies from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Kimono Dragon by Trisha Oldfield

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