AtoZ: G is for Glass Dragon by Todd Lockwood


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G is for Glass Dragon

Todd Lockwood is one of my favorite artists.  He’s created many beautiful images of dragons, is the author of some short stories, and has a new novel debuting in May 2016 that I’m excited for and I’ll be posting about the day it’s released, so stay tuned.

The picture above (with detail below) is called Glass Dragon, a piece that Todd did for the cover of the second book of the Moonworlds Saga, Glass Dragons, by Sean McMullen.  When I read the synopsis of the book there at Goodreads, I feel like I must have read this series when I was younger, but I can’t be sure.  I devoured books with dragons in them so fast, that I sometimes feel I’ve forgotten more about dragons than most people ever learn in a lifetime!

Todd Lockwood - Glass Dragon

Todd is also the artist of the good metallic (as opposed to chromatic) dragons from the Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms Monster Manual, including my favorite, the Brass Dragon… which I’ve already posted about on the blog months ago, but now notice that I didn’t credit him as the artist!  Oops!  Ah well, you can see the Brass at that link, where I also talk about the great D&D novel Spellfire, by Ed Greenwood, or at Todd’s official site here.

Todd Lockwood has done so much dragon art, I’m sure I will be sharing more as the months go by.  But for now, let’s move right along to H, shall we?  🙂  Stay creative!

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