Dragons of the Flight Rising browser game


So tomorrow’s the big day, when the April A to Z Challenge starts and my alphabetically-chosen dragons take flight!  Look for each to arrive every day (except Sundays) just after 1:05 PM Central Standard Time (GMT -5).  On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I’ll also be posting my usual Discovery Challenge and Writing Craft posts, but those won’t post until the evening.

I’m so excited about the variety of dragons I’ll be sharing that I went looking for a picture with many different dragons, and voila!  I found this neat picture from the browser game Flight Rising.

Flight Rising All_common_dragons

From the game’s Wiki:

Flight Rising is a social web-based activity site featuring dragon breeding, adventuring (a planned feature not yet implemented), combat, and collecting. It puts you in control of your own clan of dragons, allowing you to breed them, specialize their abilities and stats, and adorn them thousands of different ways with a variety of apparel and skins.

Not that I need another distraction from writing right now — I’m still playing the last mobile game I shared called DragonVale, even though I said right in my post that I didn’t have time for the Farmville-esque game, and only downloaded it to check it out before I shared one of their images.

Luckily, Flight Rising isn’t fully open yet, so I’m not in any immediate danger of being hooked.  But the dragons look really nice, so who knows if I’ll be able to stay away forever!

Tune in tomorrow for the first post… A is for…?

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