Nordic Magic School Dragon by Gunvor Rasmussen


This dragon poster was a real treat to find, created by Norwegian artist Gunvor Rasmussen for a LARP (live action role play) event in Norway that either took place last February, or will occur next February 2017 (I could’t really tell), called Trolldomsakademiet.  In fact, Gunvor created a whole bunch of great content for the event that you can check out at either of those links.

This Trolldomsakademiet is basically a chance to attend a “real live” school of magic, for agest ten and up (with no upper limit!).  I’m so jealous, I wish I could see it!  In their own (Google Translated) words:

The Nordic Magic Academy is a LARP over two days, where students and teachers gather at a school that takes in students with magical abilities. The school held in Schøtstuene at the wharf, where students during the weekend going through subjects demonology, magical creatures, magic stings, Defense Against the Dark Arts, clairvoyance, runology, elixirs and goffestudier. All subjects are electives that students sign up in advance by the school. Along happening events, both plan making and unexpected, as both students and teachers must decide. Welcome to two magical days in the company of 60-second magic students and teachers!

I particularly like the phrase “magic stings” in there, which I would guess is the translation for “hexes,” but I can’t be positive.  Clairvoyance would be Divination, and Elixers would be Potions…  and right at the end, I bet “60-second magic students” should really be “minute” — meaning small, as in child-sized — students… but even with the language barrier, you can definitely get the jist.  It looks wonderful!

If there’s anyone over in that neck of the woods that knows any more about this event, or has or is planning to attend, I’d love to learn more, so leave me a note in the comments!  Stay creative, everyone!

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