Monday Writing Prompt – Moved to Tuesdays?

On the Way by xiaodi-jin (cropped)

Today I found an idea that really intrigued me, so I went looking for an “intrigued” dragon picture and came across this absolutely stunning painting by Chinese freelance concept artist Xiaodi Jin.  I was only able to share a small part in the Featured Image, so be sure to click into the post to see the entire painting!  I certainly think these dragons look intrigued by the boats floating past.  The painting is called “On the Way,” and you can find a larger version of it at that link.  It’s definitely worth seeing full screen.

On the Way by xiaodi-jin

As I was browsing around looking for a writing prompt for today, I came across this post from the WordPress developers about a new feature they’re debuting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 8th.  They call it “The Discover Challenge,” and it’s going to be a weekly writing prompt challenge “connected to the stories and ideas that have recently inspired us — from interviews with prominent bloggers to personal essays and breathtaking illustration and photography.”  Check out that link to find out more about it.

And as I discovered over the weekend, I’ve decided that I need to open up my writing to things other than my novel, Finding Dragons.  I feel like I’ve managed to smother all of my creativity with the pressure I put on myself to finish a chapter every two weeks.  It seemed like a great idea when I started this just over two months ago, but I’ve been stalled out lately until, as I mentioned before, I managed to write a lovely 1,200 words on a completely new story on Saturday — not anything ready for posting yet, but it at least gave me some confidence back.

Last year, I created the entire outline of the book, chapter by chapter, while I was working on other things.  I wrote the first draft of the first chapter (which you can find at my About the Author page, if you’re so inclined) in between other assignments at school.  So it’s time to try something new.

I’ve adjusted my posting schedule on the aforementioned About the Author page, and I’ll be trying out the writing prompt tomorrow, whatever it may be.  Maybe I’ll find something to write about Finding Dragons, or maybe I won’t, but I’ll write something, that’s for dang sure.  I’d love to see if anyone else takes up the challenge, so be sure to let me know in the comments tomorrow if you’re participating!

This painting is so awesome, I have to share one more close up.  In fact, it might even be inspiring me for something later, who knows?  Take care everyone, and stay creative!

On the Way by xiaodi-jin (cropped2)

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