Metallic Blue and Gold Dragon by How Many Dragons?


Check out this adorable guy from my favorite Etsy artist Lindy Briggs at How Many Dragons?. Here are the full details from the purchase page:

  • Handmade dragon figurine is crafted from high quality polymer clay, sealed with a gloss glaze
  • Black body with iridescent blue shimmer, antique gold accents
  • Matching twenty sided die is included with purchase
  • D20 die is removable and can be used for gaming or replaced with your own favorite die
  • Approximately 1 inch (2.4cm) tall and 2 inches (5cm) long
  • Dragon will be signed and dated on the bottom
  • Made to order item – approximately 1-2 week turnaround time

Someone had asked me before if the die was removable (on a different design/style I think) so I’m happy to see that it is on this guy and style! Please go check out her wonderful shop for more great designs.



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