Book Club Dragon by Amy Brown


Here’s another dragon with a book, a beautiful piece of art called Book Club by the very talented Amy Brown.  I’ll share a few more of her pieces below, but you should certainly check out her website, Amy Brown Fantasy Art, where you can buy prints and all sorts of gear adorned with her lovely designs.

And speaking of reading, the Saint Paul public library system has been doing a wonderful promotion for the whole month of February where you can spend time in the library and “read down your fines.”  It’s something I’d seen them do for children in the past, but February is all about adults having the chance to do the same, which is very cool.  Every 15 minutes you spend in the library reduces your fines by $1.  (Although, because I’m a procrastinator, I’m only now trying to take advantage of it in the last few days, of course.)

I managed to rack up a hefty fine some years ago and never paid it off (oops), so I just stopped going to the library, which is a sad sentence to have just typed out, let me tell you.  But yesterday I spent two and a half hours there, just reading my Sacrifices Arc ebook (I finished Book 2!), and knocked a full $10 off my fine.  I’m planning to head there again tonight, although I’m going to see if I can write instead of read (or if that’s against the rules — and hey, that’s fine, I’m more than happy to read my Book 3!).  Then I plan to squeeze in a few more hours over the weekend and on Monday so I can get the fine reduced even more, before finally paying it off completely so I can start spending more time there.  It’s pretty cool.

Tomorrow is another “Random Writing Friday,” where I plan to post another short work that doesn’t necessarily have to do with Finding Dragons, and this one doesn’t (well, not precisely), but I hope you will enjoy it anyway.  If you’d like to read the last post like it, check out Forever Home from last month, a short story told from the perspective of my fur-daughter Chiru.

All right, enjoy some more of Amy Brown’s artwork, get out to your local library if you get a chance, and remember to stay creative!


Wyrm by Amy Brown

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Cloak of Stars by Amy Brown

Image credits:
Book Club by Amy Brown
Wyrm by Amy Brown
Cloak of Stars by Amy Brown

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