Chinese Dragon, artist unknown by Sandara


Short on time, I found this really neat Chinese dragon, but I can’t find the original artist.  😦  (Oh… apparently I liked yesterday’s dragon so much, I found another one just like it!  Oops.)  I hope to have some time to research the artist tomorrow, but for now, enjoy, and stay creative!

Image credit

(*) Post-script:  I was eventually able to attribute this image to Singaporean deviantartist Sandara, and I wrote a post about non-attributed images, and the decision I made after months of daily blogging to only rarely share images I couldn’t fully source, on July 24, 2016 (five months later).  If you want to check that post out, you can see more great images by the very talented sandara as well.

One thought on “Chinese Dragon, artist unknown by Sandara

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