Dratini and Company by deft-hands


For today’s Daily Dragon, I found this adorable Pokemon fanart called Dratini and Company by deviantartist deft-hands.  I’ve been at a non-stop trivia contest all weekend (thus the quiz dragon yesterday), and while here picked up my 3DS and started playing Pokemon X again… gotta catch ’em all!

I’ve always thought the evolution from the sinewy blue dragons Dratini and Dragonair into the traditionally European-style orange dragon Dragonite didn’t quite fit, but this art makes them look like one happy family, so maybe I could come around on that.  Stay creative, everyone!

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One thought on “Dratini and Company by deft-hands

  1. That’s so cute, thanks for sharing! I haven’t played Pokemon X and have to admit I’ve fallen completely off grid about what kind of Pokemon there are these days, but I remember these guys. Dragons are always the best!

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