Sick day spent with Harry Potter…


So, today my cold kicked my butt and I couldn’t make it to the Harry Potter marathon party I’ve been looking forward to for weeks, but since I own all the movies too, I just watched movies 1-5 by myself. The cold medicine knocked me out at times, but all in all it was a great, if unproductive day.

I even got my nails done especially for this weekend — movies 6-7 are scheduled for tomorrow and I hope I can make it, but if not, I’ll just have to watch from home again.  I recommend everyone take a weekend to watch all the movies again, it’s certainly worth it.


Harry Potter is definitely one of the reasons I’m writing my novels as YA fiction. I read the books as an adult (right after book six was released), and I hope I can emulate J.K. Rowling to craft a complex story that will appeal to both teens and adults.

All right, time for more tea and cold medicine. I hope everyone else is staying healthy!

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