Spellfire and dragon inspiration…

I’ve been a fan of role-playing games for more than half my life, starting with World of Darkness and Shadowrun, and soon finding Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and now Pathfinder.  It’s a fun, interactive, and cooperative way of storytelling that certainly nurtured my love of alternate worlds, where anything can happen.  I especially loved the Forgotten Realms of D&D, including the novels, especially those about the wild magic Spellfire channeler, Shandril, by Ed Greenwood.  If you’ve never read them, I recommend adding the trilogy to your reading queue!


One of my favorite aspects of D&D, of course, were the dragons.  I loved the idea of the chromatic dragons being evil and the metallic dragons being good, but more than that, I loved the varied designs.  My favorite dragon from D&D has always been the Brass Dragon — the unique wings are so beautiful.  I’m not copying the entire design for my dragons from this picture, but the wings certainly got their inspiration from here.


Back to writing.  I hope you’re having a great weekend, cheers!

Image credits:
Spellfire by Ed Greenwood cover art from Goodreads

Brass Dragon by Todd Lockwood

2 thoughts on “Spellfire and dragon inspiration…

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