AtoZ 2018 – Y is for YOU by Therese Larsson


This year, no one can accuse me of slacking off in the April AtoZ Challenge 2018 — it’s the penultimate post, and I’m right on time!  So please check out YOU by Swedish professional artist Therese Larsson, posting as ailah.

Therese earned a well deserved Daily Deviation for this piece in 2010, after it was nominated by many of her fans.  One of the nominators wrote:

A delightful twist on the old knight in shining armor and damsel in distress. The expressions of the characters and the creativity of this are just brilliant. 

How true!  I think that knight better beat it before the princess causes him some distress!  Therese’s official website is Silly Beast Illustration where you can find more of her amazing portfolio, and you can also check out her Society6 shop, follow her on Behance, and of course see more in her gallery.


I’m keeping it simple this year with my theme of “Odds and Ends Dragons” — amazing artwork by artists I’ve come across in past searches, but wasn’t able to find a spot for at the time.  Read more at my Theme Post.

All of these AtoZ posts should appear around 9:05 AM CT (-5 GMT) each day Monday through Saturday — Remember, no post on Sundays!  For even more dragons, check out my 2016 and 2017 posts!

Thanks for reading, take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
YOU by Therese Larsson, posting as ailah

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